Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer recap - Children's Museum Trip

Man, am I behind in documenting our summer!  You'd think I was slacking and had nothing to do...not like I have 5 kids out on summer break to play with ;D Anyway, here's a post about a trip we took back in June to the Children's Museum in town.

I was forwarded a note from a fellow quad mom that our Children's Museum here in town was celebrating their 4th Birthday. They were going to have giveaways, face painting, balloons AND, as a special promo, all quadruplets got in for FREE. Sweet! We had to take advantage of that! The 5 kids, Grammy and I had a fun time!

The kids loved this wall of tubes!
Anna at a lighted table, making some designs
In the art center they have a big spaceship that kids take turns painting.  You could see all of the layers of the previous kids' painting
Making some birthday hats...Bethany
Brielle, Suzan, Bethany and Anna waiting in line for face painting
Brielle and her snowflake
Bethany and her kitty cat
Anna and her ballerina
Suzan and her butterfly
They had a hallway for a "car wash" and "traffic car riding...Grammy and the kids
This is so funny.  Somehow Anna convinced this girl to let her ride - Ha! :)
In another room, the play grocery store.  Here, Suzan and Anna
Anna shopping
Suzan shopping
Time to check out!  Anna and Brielle (Bethany in the background)
Jared was playing part of the loading/unloading dock
Bethany being cashier
Suzan being cashier
Off to play with some cars.  Here, Jared on a motorcycle.  He loved it!
Anna in the toothpaste car ;)
Bethany wanted to try out the motorcycle too :)
Off in another room.  Suzan watching the balls go down the tubes
Brielle banging away ;)
Bethany making pizza
Brielle eating some pizza :)
The giant wall of CDs at the museum's foyer/entry
More cool decor.  Birds made out of milk jugs
Or jellyfish made out of jars and strips of plastic bags
The kids enjoyed going through this huge maze
And lastly, a cool fish made out of CDs :)
More updates of our summer, coming soon! :)
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