Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer recap - Camping, Day 3

This is day 3 of our trip, our last morning of camping. Time to pack it up, in and take off for the road :(

Last evening we had a HUGE monsoon storm roll through! Not joking, probably 3 to 4 hours of torrential downpour! Thankfully, all of the kids slept well. I woke up early (~6:30AM) and took a nice (and cold!) stroll down by the lake. Here you can see the low-lying clouds/fog on the mountains and lake. So peaceful!
There was only 1 boat already out on the water for fishing
God gave me some pretty flowers to enjoy :)
Cousin Tyler, Brielle, Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Jared having a chocolate chip cookie "breakfast snack" before we head out
Again, Arizona has some BEAUTIFUL mountains, some of which we got to see on our drive
It's almost like a mini Grand Canyon!
Actually, this is called the Salt River Canyon
The saguaros welcomed us back to the desert - Ha! ;)
We had a good first trip of camping.  The kids had a blast and enjoyed hanging out with their Grammy and cousin.  Hopefully we can go camping again in the future!
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