Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer recap - Camping, Day 2

This is day 2 of our camping trip.  We spent the day being lazy, hanging out, making friends, checking out the lake and doing some fishing.  No fish were caught but Paul, Jared and cousin Tyler had fun out on the boat.

Brielle, Anna, Bethany and Suzan waking up.  They were such good sleepers!
Suzan and Anna.  This was our "timeout" spot ;P
Digging in the dirt!
Breakfast time!  Pancakes, eggs and bacon.  Mmmm!
The boys are off to fish on the boat
The girls decided to dig, bug hunt and get SO dirty!  Ha! ;D
A grandma and her 2 grand kids heard about our quadruplet 4yo girls. So they had to come over, introduce themselves and play a bit with us.
We're off for some walking around and lake fun!
The girls checking out crawdads that some kids were catching along the bank of the lake
The lake
Looking through Mom's binoculars trying to find the boys
We did see a chipmunk or two!
The girls :)
We found them!  Yay!
Back at our campsite.  Tyler caught this huge bug for the girls.  Blech! :P
Suzan and Brielle playing some ball
Anna SOOOO dirty! ;D
After lunch and back at the dock.  Here, the cute little tackle and supply store
Paul and Jared took the girls, 2 by 2, out onto the boat. The girls LOVED it! Anna's and Bethany's turn
Suzan's and Brielle's turn
Getting a little rain shower. It's time for an afternoon nap :) ...Suzan and Brielle.  Paul and Jared decided to go back out onto the lake to try some more fishing.
Bethany and Anna
After our nap. Just a back view of our campsite.
Let's take a little stroll girls
The kids...Anna, Suzan, Brielle, Bethany and Jared
Our overhead view, just pines and sky. Ahhh!
Next up, our last and 3rd day.  We leave the pines and lake and head back home :(
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