Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer recap - Camping, Day 1

Well, we ventured out on a limb and said "let's go camping!" Our first time EVER with either Jared or the girls! We own NO camping equipment at all, have never done this, wanted to try fishing too (don't own anything for that and never done it before either) but none of that kept us from at least trying. We thought we would start small and go camping for 2 nights. It was just right. Where we stayed was BEAUTIFUL! Definitely God's marvelous hand at work in nature! We reserved a camp site right next to the lake. We woke up to the wonderful sight of that lake both mornings - ahhhh! We convinced Grammy and cousin Tyler to go with us too - Ha! ;) Paul, Jared and Tyler went out fishing one day. Nothing caught but the boys had fun none the less. Us girls had fun walking around the lake, making new friends from other camp sites, watching some kids catch crawdads, get some rain sprinkles on us and chasing after chipmunks. Oh, and the dirt! The girls loved the dirt and loved trying to catch bugs :)

Will we go camping again? We hope so! Arizona is full of wonderful places to camp at, different elevations for different seasons. And lots of lakes, rivers and streams to fish in. The kids didn't want to leave camping!

Day 1 - the drive up and our first afternoon/evening at camp

Our 5 1/2 hour drive up to northern Arizona, leaving the 114* temps and going to 900ft elevation with 70* weather.  Ahhh!  Suzan and Brielle on the ride up
The next two rows, Anna, Bethany, Jared and Tyler watching a video
The Gramminator :)
Our wonderful driver!!
A fun little tunnel for us to go through, the Queen Creek Tunnel
Coming out on the other side.  We have wonderful mountains in Arizona!
Anna checking the map and making sure we're going in the correct direction ;)
Ah, the pines!
Yay!  The lake!
Looking for bugs already
Our campsite
Off to look for bugs
Just a glimpse of the view we had of the lake.  Beautiful!
A bug hunting we will go!
Suzan caught something!
Bethany checking hers out
Jared and his spider
Another view of the lake, with some boaters/fishermen on it
The boys making our campfire
Anna and Grammy "monitoring" them ;)
Yay! :)
Jared adding some twigs
Tyler ;)
The boys cooking up some dogs for us.  Thank you!!
Our table of hungry campers
Now it's s'more time!  Mmmmm!  Mm!
Suzan likes hers
So does Anna
and Tyler ;)
Next up, our 2nd day of camping
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