Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th!


We wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day 2012! We praise God for our country! And we continue to pray for it...for our leaders, for the men and women that serve and protect us and for all of us citizens to love and appreciate all that we are blessed to have here!

Our crazy crew ;D - Anna, Suzan, Jared, Bethany and Brielle
I was telling them to say "ice cream" (to get them to smile taking the pics) but then they thought it would be fun to SHOW me ice cream. FYI, their swim instructors (mostly the girls') tell them to pretend their hands are ice cream scoops and when they swim to use "big ice cream scoops" and "scoop some ice cream."  It's a cute, fun and easy way to teach little ones to swim with their arms.  In any case, the kids thought "okay mom, we'll show you ice cream for picture taking!!"  Ha!  You can see how much fun they have! :D
Hanging out at church until the fireworks start.  A lady came by and gave the kids these "3D fireworks" glasses :) ...Bethany
Blurry but cute...Paul (with the glasses :) ) and Bethany
Fireworks time!

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Linda Chapman said...

HAPPY happy 4th!! Your weather is so NOT 4th of July!

Always love seeing your pics!

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