Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to school! Jared's 1st day of 3rd grade!

We still can't believe Jared is going into 3rd grade!  Wow!  He's very excited for 3rd grade...his new teacher, class and friends to make.  We are excited for him to have Mr. G this year.  We pray for him and his school year, that it's a good one!

Jared, ready for our walk to school.  Doesn't he look big?  He is and keeps growing and growing!
Some pics from me dropping him off this morning...he and his friend, Rachel T
The first bell just rang!  Everyone in line!
His teacher had the kids put their hands in the center and then chant "go 3rd grade!" :)
Mr. G's 2012 3rd grade class (Jared is in the back row, on the right/center)
Jared already chatting it up with someone, walking into school.
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