Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some like it hot!

And that would be me! ;)  Speaking specifically of food.  My mom and dad can recall me being a toddler eating chips and salsa but minus the chips - Ha! ;)  I've always enjoyed hot and spicy food.  Thankfully Paul does too, despite his Nordic heritage/predisposition.  Today, I had to laugh at our kids as we ate out with Grammy at a local Mexican food restaurant for lunch.  The restaurant has a funny little salsa bar, if you want to call it that.  It contains sliced cucumbers, radishes, spicy pickled sliced carrots, jalapenos and little cups of red (hot) and green (mild) salsa.  Well, one of the girls saw the jalapeno and said "mom, can i eat that?"  I laughed and hesitantly said "okay, if you want to."  She ended up eating it AND ate half of another!  Whoa!
Then a few of the other girls wanted to follow suit!  Only 1 of the other 3 ate the jalapenos.  I have to add that this other girly DIPPED her jalapeno into the red hot salsa!  Yeah!  Then when our chicken tacos arrived she decided to pour the salsa all over her taco.  Better yet, she DID eat the ENTIRE taco, salsa and all!
They must have some of their mama's spicy blood running through their veins - Ha! ;D
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