Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Our summer so far (lots in just 4 days!)

We've hit up our library A LOT these past 4 days, for some events, to sign up for the summer reading program and to check out books to read.  Jared already finished reading 24 books for the reading program goal and collected his prizes!  Does he like to read?  Yeah, just a little ;)

Here, we went to our downtown library and saw the organist for our Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. We also got to see Baxter (sitting on the floor in the front with the kids).  That was a hoot!
Also, our swim lessons are in full swing.  Suzan got moved up and is in her own class.  She's our little fish!  Seriously!  She still loves to cannonball into the pool and go deep underwater - Ha! ;)  Anna, Bethany and Brielle are in one class below Suzan's, just Brielle is in her own class and then Anna and Bethany are in one together.

Here, Anna "chillin' " with Mama's shades before her and Bethany's class begins :)
And Bethany trying them out (sorry about the pics; captured with a cell phone camera ;P )
We've done some crafts from the library, watched a few summer movies at home with Grammy (one upcoming that Jared picked out from the library, too) and saw a magician at the library.  And with 47 days left of our summer break, Mama has LOTS MORE for us to do and have fun with!  Yippee! :)
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