Friday, June 08, 2012

Making Kachinas

The kids recently received some craft kits from our library.  One of these kits is to make and decorate their own kachina dolls.  They were very excited to make them!  Here are some pics of them and their crafts.  Enjoy!

The kids made another craft project from the library, kachina dolls. Here, Jared painting his.  The library provided most of the supplies to make the dolls, minus wood glue, paint and brushes.  Otherwise everything else came from them.  It is very generous of them to provide these for the kids for the summertime!

Brielle painting her kachina doll

Anna painting

Bethany painting

And Suzan painting

The kids with their finished kachina dolls...Jared
And Bethany
All of the dolls lined up. All 5 kids are VERY proud of their creations! :)

The library said we can bring them (and all crafts they gave us) back into the library and they will put the dolls on display for June and July (I believe we'd get them back at the end of July). crew is now a bit attached to and fond of their kachina dolls.  I don't know if they will "loan" their dolls to the library ;)
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restlessrisa said...

I love this so much! We are taking the kids to Mesa Verde this summer, and this is the perfect craft. Thanks for sharing :)

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