Saturday, June 09, 2012

Flower hair clips for the girls

I attempted (and succeeded - Yay!) at making my first flower hair clips for the girls.

The girls and I were at Joanns a week or so ago and saw this bunch of flowers (in their colors to boot!) for 50% off.  The cost for each flower is $0.37 then plus the cost for clips, ribbon to cover the clips and hot glue (all of which I already had on hand/own).  So really, very inexpensive for me to make :)

I asked a fellow quad mom, whom I know makes these for her girls, about some tips in crafting them together. She was a huge help!  Thanks again Kami!

The girlies knew we were going to make these.  This project has been sitting on my counter for a week now and I just finally got around to it.  They are going to love wearing these for church!  And probably any other reason/event/social-gathering/what-have-you they can come up with to wear them - Ha! :D
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