Sunday, June 24, 2012

AZ Quads Unite!

Tonight we got to visit and have dinner with 3 families.  Oh, and did I mention that these 3 families have quads too?  Yup.  4 sets of quads all together!  We're all friends via our social media quad mom groups.  3 of us live here in Arizona.  The 4th family used to live in Arizona but is back in town for a vacation/visit.  So the 4 of us quad moms decided to wrangle the families together for some quad lovin'.  Amazing!  It was good to visit with these ladies, their kiddos and hubbies for the evening!

The 4 of us quad moms...Cintya, Kami, Karen and Me
 So, what does 4 sets of quads and some older singleton siblings look like? THIS! 20 kids total = whew! ;)
Thanks to Karen who hosted us all!  We'll have to do this again soon!  We had fun!
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