Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some like it hot!

And that would be me! ;)  Speaking specifically of food.  My mom and dad can recall me being a toddler eating chips and salsa but minus the chips - Ha! ;)  I've always enjoyed hot and spicy food.  Thankfully Paul does too, despite his Nordic heritage/predisposition.  Today, I had to laugh at our kids as we ate out with Grammy at a local Mexican food restaurant for lunch.  The restaurant has a funny little salsa bar, if you want to call it that.  It contains sliced cucumbers, radishes, spicy pickled sliced carrots, jalapenos and little cups of red (hot) and green (mild) salsa.  Well, one of the girls saw the jalapeno and said "mom, can i eat that?"  I laughed and hesitantly said "okay, if you want to."  She ended up eating it AND ate half of another!  Whoa!
Then a few of the other girls wanted to follow suit!  Only 1 of the other 3 ate the jalapenos.  I have to add that this other girly DIPPED her jalapeno into the red hot salsa!  Yeah!  Then when our chicken tacos arrived she decided to pour the salsa all over her taco.  Better yet, she DID eat the ENTIRE taco, salsa and all!
They must have some of their mama's spicy blood running through their veins - Ha! ;D
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

AZ Quads Unite!

Tonight we got to visit and have dinner with 3 families.  Oh, and did I mention that these 3 families have quads too?  Yup.  4 sets of quads all together!  We're all friends via our social media quad mom groups.  3 of us live here in Arizona.  The 4th family used to live in Arizona but is back in town for a vacation/visit.  So the 4 of us quad moms decided to wrangle the families together for some quad lovin'.  Amazing!  It was good to visit with these ladies, their kiddos and hubbies for the evening!

The 4 of us quad moms...Cintya, Kami, Karen and Me
 So, what does 4 sets of quads and some older singleton siblings look like? THIS! 20 kids total = whew! ;)
Thanks to Karen who hosted us all!  We'll have to do this again soon!  We had fun!
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flowers in their hair

Cute! :)  They were very proud to wear their new flower hair clips to church today.

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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Flower hair clips for the girls

I attempted (and succeeded - Yay!) at making my first flower hair clips for the girls.

The girls and I were at Joanns a week or so ago and saw this bunch of flowers (in their colors to boot!) for 50% off.  The cost for each flower is $0.37 then plus the cost for clips, ribbon to cover the clips and hot glue (all of which I already had on hand/own).  So really, very inexpensive for me to make :)

I asked a fellow quad mom, whom I know makes these for her girls, about some tips in crafting them together. She was a huge help!  Thanks again Kami!

The girlies knew we were going to make these.  This project has been sitting on my counter for a week now and I just finally got around to it.  They are going to love wearing these for church!  And probably any other reason/event/social-gathering/what-have-you they can come up with to wear them - Ha! :D
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Friday, June 08, 2012

Making Kachinas

The kids recently received some craft kits from our library.  One of these kits is to make and decorate their own kachina dolls.  They were very excited to make them!  Here are some pics of them and their crafts.  Enjoy!

The kids made another craft project from the library, kachina dolls. Here, Jared painting his.  The library provided most of the supplies to make the dolls, minus wood glue, paint and brushes.  Otherwise everything else came from them.  It is very generous of them to provide these for the kids for the summertime!

Brielle painting her kachina doll

Anna painting

Bethany painting

And Suzan painting

The kids with their finished kachina dolls...Jared
And Bethany
All of the dolls lined up. All 5 kids are VERY proud of their creations! :)

The library said we can bring them (and all crafts they gave us) back into the library and they will put the dolls on display for June and July (I believe we'd get them back at the end of July).  Hm...my crew is now a bit attached to and fond of their kachina dolls.  I don't know if they will "loan" their dolls to the library ;)
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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Our summer so far (lots in just 4 days!)

We've hit up our library A LOT these past 4 days, for some events, to sign up for the summer reading program and to check out books to read.  Jared already finished reading 24 books for the reading program goal and collected his prizes!  Does he like to read?  Yeah, just a little ;)

Here, we went to our downtown library and saw the organist for our Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. We also got to see Baxter (sitting on the floor in the front with the kids).  That was a hoot!
Also, our swim lessons are in full swing.  Suzan got moved up and is in her own class.  She's our little fish!  Seriously!  She still loves to cannonball into the pool and go deep underwater - Ha! ;)  Anna, Bethany and Brielle are in one class below Suzan's, just Brielle is in her own class and then Anna and Bethany are in one together.

Here, Anna "chillin' " with Mama's shades before her and Bethany's class begins :)
And Bethany trying them out (sorry about the pics; captured with a cell phone camera ;P )
We've done some crafts from the library, watched a few summer movies at home with Grammy (one upcoming that Jared picked out from the library, too) and saw a magician at the library.  And with 47 days left of our summer break, Mama has LOTS MORE for us to do and have fun with!  Yippee! :)
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