Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer break begins! Yay! :)

No more preschool!  No more 2nd grade!  We're done!  Now we're on summer break - Yay!

Bethany, Suzan, Anna and Brielle all ready for summer break to begin!  We already pulled out our flip flops today ;)  Bethany was asking me this morning "mama, when are we going to summer break?"  Ha!  Cute! :)
Jared, home from his last day as a 2nd grader.  **sniff, sniff**  This Mama was tearing up just watching his class's end-of-year picture slide show at the class party.  They are growing up too fast!
FYI, I thought this was a cute idea by one of the room moms in Jared's class.  She got a bunch of beach balls and Sharpies and then had the kids sign each other's beach ball, sort of like a yearbook signing.  What a fun and meaningful idea!  That way the kids will be playing with their beach balls this summer and be reminded of their friends (and teacher!) from 2nd grade.  So sweet!

So yes, our summer break begins!  Lots of summer fun awaits us!  Yay! :D  Hope you all enjoy the beginnings of your summer!
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Linda Chapman said...

And may you enjoy every minute!!

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