Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Calling all bakers!

For a long time, I've been wanting a bread maker.  I know I can make bread without a maker, just kneading it by hand, in a food processor or with my mixer and then plopping the dough it into a loaf pan and baking in my oven.  Yet still, I wanted a bread maker :)  However, I couldn't fork out the $$ for one and didn't trust CL to find one.  Well, after I recently signed up for Freecycle (like CL but folks post and give away things for free, things they would normally toss in the trash or donate) I lucked out.  Someone posted a bread maker, albeit a used and old one.  So I snatched it up :)
It's a Welbilt ABM350-2 model.  Before picking it up, I asked the owner if it worked and she said she didn't know, just that she received it from her mom yet never used it.  I still thought it was worth it.  It was free!  Oh, it also didn't come with the manual/recipe book but she did throw in some other bread cookbooks.

Jared went along with me to get it.  He was so excited for it.  Then after we got it home, I washed it up, found some recipes and decided to try it out for the first time, he was SUPER excited.  This was our first loaf.  It's a honey oats recipe I found online for another Welbilt bread maker.  He and I were quite excited and pleased with how it turned out!  It tasted very good too :)  He laughed at the shape of it - Ha! ;)
So now, I ask our friends, family and anyone who follows our blog here if you have any good bread maker recipes. I'm looking for bread-specific recipes. I know there are lots of recipes of mixing and rising dough for pizza and cinnamon rolls and the such, which is okay but I want bread. Glorious bread! ;)

From my research on this model (very limited info of it online!), I believe it's a 1-pound machine. And that's the recipe I used for the honey oats.

So, do you have any favorite bread recipes? If so, please post them in the comments section. I'd appreciate anything you might have on hand :) Thanks!
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Anonymous said...

hi i got one today i hope that it work like your , i try your receipt too . wish me good like that it work too

Anonymous said...

hi i got one today i hope that it work like your , i try your receipt too . wish me good like that it work too

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've had this exact machine for over 21 years and it still works perfectly although these days it does sometimes "travel" a bit on the counter when kneading the dough.

I've had very good luck with recipes from a series of bread machine cookbooks (The Bread Machine Cookbook, The Bread Machine Cookbook II, etc from Nitty Gritty cookbooks written by Donna Rathnell German. You can probably find these on Amazon. there are also tons of bread machine recipes online. In fact, I just made loaf of bread form one of her books today.

This machine can actually handle recipes for loaves somewhat over 1 lb. Also, if you use the dough cycle to makes rolls, etc., you can use the larger recipes.

I've looked into getting a newer machine with more bells and whistles and a less awkward shaped loaf but I always resist the temptation as this one does what it does so well. Also, the bread making cycle is shorter than it is on some of the newer machines.

Enjoy your machine.

Unknown said...

Hey! I just dug my bread maker out, its the same as yours. I cant find ny recipe book that came with it. Have you had any luck locating the manual? I know it came with recipes,
Or do you know the phone number I can call to get one?

The Carlsons said...

Sadly, I don't have a # for you to call for a manual. Actually, my bread maker didn't come with one (due to it being a freebie). I did, however, find this PDF - http://www.creativehomemaking.com/download/WelbiltBreadManual.pdf I use it for recipes all the time! I use the 1 1/2 lb recipes. I use this PDF too - http://www.creativehomemaking.com/download/Welbilt_ABM300-350_recipes.pdf. It's just difficult to read, with the resolution or darkness levels being off. Hope this helps! Have fun baking bread! :)

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