Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baseball is over...school is almost...now summer comes!

Yes, just as fast as our baseball season started, now it has ended.  We had a good team and lots of fun this year!  I know I will miss seeing the kids play ball!

Yes, I got some pictures of Jared's last game (just today).  Yay! :)  And his official individual and team pictures.  Check them out!


The team and coaches.  We had 5 girls on the team this year.  Very cool!

The last game.  Jared in outfield.

Jared with some of his teammates

**hint**he's inside the cage

On first base

On second base

On third - "hi mom" ;)

And he's off!

Our little ball player :D

Now with baseball over, what are we going to do?  School is almost over too.  Only a few days left!  Then, we head into summer.  We have...swimming lessons for all 5 kids, a visit from cousin Tyler planned, a science camp for Jared for a few weeks, a summer Bible study for Mama, our FIRST TIME camping (Ack!  Wish us luck! ;D ), hopefully lots of playing with friends and swimming in our own pool and the city's pool.  Fun, fun!
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