Monday, April 16, 2012

The rocket cake

So, even after all the effort in making the girls' their birthday cake I decided to take up the challenge again and make a special cake for Jared. And what kind of cake do you make for a boy that is going to have a bottle rocket birthday party? Yes, a rocket cake! Thankfully, this cake was less time-consuming to make. Plus, after the experience I had with the girls' cake under my belt, maybe that helped me complete this one ;) It turned out cool and Jared LOVED it, which is what mattered the most to me!

Again, I found a tutorial of how to make it from Miss Betty Crocker herself. Gotta love that little homemaker! ;)

First, a 9x13 cake (baked, cooled and frozen overnight), leveledUsing the template, the base of the rocket cake cut outIt's coming together!The cake with a crumb coat and back into the freezer to solidify a bit againOut of the freezer, the cake with it's final coat of frostingStarting to decorate! :)For Jared :DAnd it's done. Ta da! ;) Mama even decorated the foil base with some stars and SaturnAnd now, the bottle rocket birthday party. Woo hoo! :D
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