Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our spring break trip to Northern Arizona

Okay, where did I leave off? Yes! Back in March! Of this year, 2012! ;) Let me me recap our spring break.

What can I say? We LOVE taking a Spring Break trip to Northern Arizona...again ;) It was the 7 of us and Grammy again. Thankfully, and to the kids enjoyment, there was a good patch of snow behind our unit. Yay! They would've been content to have just played in that our entire trip - Ha! ;) However, we did get to venture out some...another trip to Sunset Crater, a visit to the Wupatki Ruins and a tour around the Museum of Northern Arizona. Oh, and Jared and Grammy ventured into the Jacuzzi in our unit ;) Enjoy the pics!

As soon as we arrived to our unit and the kids saw they snow, we had to pull out the hats and gloves. They LOVED it! Here, Anna being silly (I'd say a bit giddy because of the snow ;) )Brielle - "look mama! snow!!!!"SuzanThe kids playing in the snow behind our unitAnother silly Anna pic ;)Jared and one of the many snowballs he madeReady to pitch it at mama! ;)Okay, so many he got Grammy with the snowball...and then Grammy is running to chase and get him ;)Oh she got him!Got him good ;DSilly Bethany ;)Bedtime! Yeah right ;) Suzan, Bethany, Anna and Brielle giving Mama silly facesTime to roast up some marshmallows! Forget the S'mores! Jared just wanted to roast and roast and roast them :)Our view from the patio. Ahhhh! :DA blue Stellar Jay at Sunset CraterTaking the easy trail at Sunset CraterLots of lava that erupted back in 1064. So cool!

The kids with Grammy...Jared, Anna, Bethany, Grammy, Brielle and Suzan. It was cold and windy! ;)Grammy with Jared :)The Dad with Anna and SuzanThe 7 of us...Jared, Maria, Bethany, Paul, Brielle, Suzan and AnnaAwe! They do love each other! ;) Anna and Suzan at Wupatki RuinsJared trying to recreate the picture...not really happening ;) Jared, Bethany and SuzanThe Wupatki Pueblo...
For its time and place, there was no other pueblo like Wupatki. Less than 800 years ago, it was the tallest, largest, and perhaps the richest and most influential pueblo around. It was home to 85-100 people, and several thousand more lived within a day’s walk. And it was built in one of the lowest, warmest, and driest places on the Colorado Plateau.The Community Room at WupatkiBrielle, Suzan, Jared, Anna and Bethany in the Community RoomPaul and Jared (tiny in the center) walking down to the BlowholeUs girls waiting for the boys to come back upBack at our unit. Ooooo! A warm fire to cozy up at!And to roast a marshmallow in too :)Suzan, Brielle, Anna and Jared watching some morning TV PBS cartoons :)Jared built at snowman! Albeit, a 10-inch snowman but it works ;)At the Museum of Northern Arizona. Here, a DilophosaurusPetrified woodA dinosaur leg boneAnd a dinosaur foot boneBethany, Jared, Brielle, Suzan, Anna and Paul by the dinoArizona is home of Meteor Crater too (we did not go there during our trip) but this is part of the meteor that fell to earth thenThe museum is also full of artifacts from the various Native American tribes in Arizona. Here, a beautifully-painted red bowlSandals. Hey Jared, want to wear these on your feet?Another beautiful bowlSuzan, Brielle, Bethany and Anna by this collection of pottery miniatures. They (the pottery) were so cute!A woven coil plaqueA baby carrier - Wow!The museum also has some beautiful woven rugsMore rugsThey had a cute activity page for the kids to fill out on the rugs...e.g. "how many cows can you find on the rugs? find the rug with the car with the square wheels. what rug has an elephant on it? etc., etc." Jared got a certificate when he found/answered all of the questionsSome Indiana Joneses in the making! ;) Yes, more fun activities for the kidsWe found some silly Katsina dolls too :)Beautiful jewelry. At each piece of jewelry we saw, Suzan kept saying "mama, i want this one for my birthday for when i turn five!" Ha! ;)She also liked these mini KatsinasThen, we found a cute kids corner! Here, Jared and Dad put on a dinosaur puppet show :)Of course, Suzan found the crayons and coloring pages :)Ha! Brielle and Bethany put on a puppet show too :)Puzzles with GrammyAnd DadThe 7 of us (again ;) )...Anna, Jared, Maria, Bethany, Suzan, Paul and BrielleJared PThe BNSF Train! In honor of Cousin Audrey (whom she works for) ;)And last, but not least, Jared and Grammy had to try out the Jacuzzi on our last night of our trip :)What a fun spring break trip! We can't wait to go again! :)
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