Monday, April 16, 2012

The Bottle Rocket Party

First, we were thinking about what to do for Jared's birthday this year. We've done the parties at Peter Piper Pizza or any of the various play/jump/bounce/slide/ride birthday parties held somewhere else. I was thinking it would be fun to have just a few friends, as usual, at Jared's party but have them involved in something. Building something. "Doing" something. Hence the bottle rockets. Paul found some really good bottle rockets from the UK. Then, we asked Jared if he wanted to do this or do something else. Well, you didn't have to ask him twice. He REALLY wanted to do this. Awesome! So that's what we did. He and his friends had a blast (pun intended - Ha! ;) ). Enjoy the pics!

The invite. I can't NOT make a fun invite. Jared totally loved seeing himself in the rocket - Ha! ;)Paul talking to the kids about how the rockets take offPaul pumping on the bike pump and the kids waiting for the rocket to take offWhoa! There it goes, 90ft into the air!Another take off. Paul and the kids were also running experiments on the rocket, e.g. what happens with a lot of water in them, a little bit of water, a bigger sized bottle, etc., etc.Cake time! Trying to keep the "jets" (aka candles) lit with all the wind we were havingJared blowing them out! Yay!Jared opening a few presentsWhat a fun day celebrating our 8-year-old boy! :)
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