Sunday, April 22, 2012

Girls' Sunday best

Thanks to our great friends, the Murphys, for the girls' birthday clothes!They were super excited to wear them today for church! :)

Brielle, Anna, Bethany and Suzan
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Easter 2012

Yay! I'm finally posting about Easter! ;)

We had a good Easter...with our city's Egg Scramble, going to our church's Easter service, spending Easter morning with baskts, Grammy and a little egg hunt in our back yard and then a fun Easter dinner with Grammy and our good friends! Enjoy the pics! :)

The kids ready to go to our city's Easter Celebration Egg "Scramble"...Brielle, Bethany, Jared, Suzan and AnnaWhile waiting in line for the Egg Scramble, we might as well take some fun Easter pics ;) ...JaredBethanyBrielleSuzanAnd AnnaWe line up and...they're off! Go get some eggs kids! :)Brielle, Anna, Bethany, Suzan and Jared showing off their eggs to us :)The kids all ready for our Easter church service. Brielle, Suzan, Bethany, Jared and AnnaEaster morning! This year the kids had to find their hidden baskets. They enjoyed that. It also was fun that it was a "group effort" ;) Them checking out their Easter goodies!Peeps Brielle! Yum!The girlsSilly Brielle...maybe already hyped up on Easter candy huh? ;)We're going over to our friend's (the Murphy's) for Easter dinner and bringing dessert. How about some sprouts/plants?Okay, maybe they are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting
and crushed up Oreo cookies on top and a little green fruit chew to look like a sprout :)Time for a little egg hunt in our back yard. Ready. Set. GO!Mama even hid some over here, in our garden? Goodness gracious Mama! How many did you hide?!?!?! ;)Suzan - "my bucket overflow'ith!" ;)Bethany - "found one!"Anna - "ooo! ahhh! me too!" ;)Okay, time for a chocolate bunny break/snack ;DEaster dinner at the Murphys! They got a bunny for Easter this year...on rent/loan ;) (**they do have a big dog that would "love" this bunny ;) )"The Bunny, the bunny, whoa I love the bunny..." (lyrics from Veggie Tales ;) )Time to eat! Such yummy food! Thank you again, Murphys, for having us over!An after-dinner egg hunt. Oh yeah! Grace, trying to hold everyone back. Ha! ;)Ready. Set. GO!!This is so cute. Ryan M giving his little brother, Russell, an egg. Awe! :)Pretty Grace :)Ryan - "hey, let's check in the play house!"Okay, now time to open and maybe EAT the candy inside the eggs :)Grammy came with us to the Murphys...Ryan M, Bethany, Grammy and JaredSuzan - "Easter tattoos Mama! Yay!" :)Now we sit back and enjoy spring, with baseball and ~6 weeks left of school. I can't believe summer will be here in no time - Ack! ;)
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Take me out to the ball game!

Ah yes, it's that time again. Baseball season! It started a few weeks ago. We're almost half the way through our season as I type. It goes by fast! Jared is happy to play baseball again. He's doing really well this year! He's still enjoying it so that is great!

This year he has 2 neighbor/school friends on his team and their dads are coaching too. It's nice to know some folks then! We also have 2 sets of multiples on Jared's team, 1 set of twin girls and 1 set of triplets (boy-girl-girl). So cool! We also have a 5th girl on the team. Lots of girls on Jared's team this year. That is cool too! Our girls love going to Jared's games and cheering them on. Some (like Suzan) want to play too. Next year, girls. Next year ;)

Here are some pictures of the Opening Day Ceremony. Enjoy!

The flyover is always so awesome to see!First game of the season. Here, Jared warming upA cute little batter ;)The team...with 5 lots of multiples (1 set of twin girls and 1 set of triplets (boy-girl-girl) ) Ha! :)Jared's playing catcherLook at him all ready! Cute! :DThey are up at bat. Jared waiting for his turn.Hit that ball Jared!Go Stars! :D
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