Friday, March 16, 2012

Suzan shares

Over these last 4 years, Suzan (and her sisters too!) have acquired a few "loveys" that they sleep with ;) Lately, Suzan finds fun and joy in sharing her loveys with her family...her sisters, brother, mom, even Grammy (on our most recent trip/vacation) and now...Yes, her dad :D Paul found these on his pillow the other night. So cute! She said nothing to him but said to me, as I tucked her in at bedtime, "i'm sharing my m&m pillow, blanket, silkies, Jengo and Peep with Dad." I said "okay," thinking nothing of it yet only to hear Paul laugh in finding them at bedtime :D Again, too cute! :)

On another note, yes I know I haven't posted anything about the girls birthday/party. Give me a few more days, folks. I just looked this evening and saw that I have 655 pics to go through - Uff! ;) I might have to break it up in to several posts ;)

I also have 457 pics from our trip/vacation we took last week. We had fun! I love the pics I took of the kids in the snow. So funny! You can see some of them on our sidebar here, that I updated.

I'll be back...hopefully with some 4th birthday and trip/vacation posts! Maybe I can get to them before Easter?? ;)
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