Monday, March 26, 2012

The Princess Party

Finally, pictures from the girls' princess party for their 4th birthday. Enjoy! :D

The birthday invite, made by MamaAnna, Brielle, Grace M, Suzan and Bethany all dressed as princesses for the party...CUTE! :DThe kids coloring
Princess BethanyPrincess SuzanPrincess Grace MPrince Russell MPrincess BriellePrincess AnnaPrince Jared and Prince Ryan MTime for some crafts...frog masks for the boys...JaredAnd Russell MCrowns for the girlies to make/decorate...AnnaBethanySuzanBrielleAnd Grace M, who made a scepter/wandTime for some games! "Pin the Crown on the Princess" First up, Russell MBethany. She did great, being the first one to get close to where the crown is to go!Suzan
BrielleGrace M. She figured out to feel with her hands where Bethany's crown was - Ha! ;)Jared. He did the same as Grace ;)AnnaThe results! That's Bethany (green), Grace M (dark pink) and Jared (orange) near the top!Oh, and we let Grammy have a turn too...but she cheated! ;DPiñata time! I found a cool place to make a preschooler-friendly piñata. You pull on the ribbons until one of them opens a trap door to the bottom of the piñata and the candy falls out. The piñata is made out of cardboard and in the shape of a turret with a princess showing in the window. Very cool and cute! Suzan's turn.Bethany's turnAnna's turnRussell M's turnGrace M's turnJared's turnBrielle's turn...Uff! Are we ever going to find the correct ribbon?!?! ;)Yay! I think Bethany finally found it, almost the last ribbon! Candy!Some of the kids eating their candy loot ;)Time for some royal! ;)The cake, again. Oooooo! ;)Singing "Happy Birthday!" to each girly. First up, SuzanThen AnnaThird BethanyAnd fourth Brielle :)What a special princess birthday party, spent with family and friends!!!! Thank you everyone for everything!!!! :D
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What a fun birthday party! I love all of your ideas.

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