Saturday, March 17, 2012

Celebrating with friends at a park with play time, cupcakes and juice

Here's the first post of the girls' birthday celebrations. First, we got to enjoy some fun play time with friends at a local park. The kids played for a bit and then we celebrated with cupcakes and juice. Hope all of the boys enjoyed the pink princess cupcakes ;)

Our friend Emma Grace :)Brielle, Bethany, Anna and Suzan playing in the park sandOur friend WyattOur friend JamesOur friend AsherAsher's and Teagan's (sister) brand-new baby brother (3 weeks old!) JonasOur friend JudeAnd our friend Gabe. Sadly, Gabe's sister, Ahnica, couldn't come and play as she was at preschool :( And sadly our other friends, Kendall and Afton, couldn't make it either due to being sick :(Singing "Happy Birthday" to each girl. First SuzanThen AnnaThen Bethany (see, it's in birth order ;) )And last, but not least, Brielle. You can tell she enjoyed this, with her big smile and hands clasped - Ha! :DGabe eating his "cupcake sandwich." Smart idea Jen!Jude enjoying a pink princess cupcake ;)James enjoyed his too!And so did WyattThe girls opening and enjoying their gifts from friends. Thank you all SO VERY MUCH!!!! You all are very generous!
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