Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine's Day 2012

We had a good Valentine's Day today! The kids really enjoyed their class parties and receiving all of the cute valentines in their box/baggies. The girls, especially, have fun looking at the pictures on the cards :D

Here are a few pics of our day!

I lucked out! We had this cereal in our pantry. Hey, it works for a fun Valentine's Day breakfast :) (***fyi, they taste just like Honey Nut Cheerios! Mmmm! :D )Arizona celebrated its 100th birthday today, 2/14/2012. So Jared's school said the kids could dress up in fun cowboy clothes today. Here, Jared is striking a pose and giving us a "cowboy smirk" ;)The girls all decked out in red, pink and heart shirts :)First, Mama hits the girls' preschool class for their Valentine's Day card exchange and such...here, Suzan with NathanAnna (Bethany and Suzan in the background)Brielle with friend, EddieThe girls made and brought home these sweet Valentine's Day crafts for Mama and Daddy :) ...Suzan'sAnna'sBethany'sAnd Brielle'sHere's a close-up of the cute "roses are red" poem that was included on the craft - Ha! ;)The girlies REALLY didn't want me to leave their class :( Sadly, I had to in order to go see Jared. Next, I attended Jared's class's Valentine's Day party. Jared, here with his classmates, decorating their valentine boxes.Jared, already checking out what valentines he received (along with what candy he got too ;) )The kids enjoyed MUCH of their Valentine's Day candy when we got home from school - Ha! For dinner, we had a little something special for the kids...chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, eggs and chocolate milk for dinner. Man, are we stuffed! ;)

Both Paul and I are blessed by our 5 little valentines and enjoy loving on these gifts God has given to us! :)
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Linda Chapman said...

How perfectly WONDERFUL!!! Your girls are adorable and that Jared is one good looking young man!!!

Loved your post!!

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