Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jared Runs

Both this year and last year Jared participated in his school's after-school program called Running Club. No, his parents aren't runners! Probably far from it ;) It's always been his choice to participate! We are proud that he wants to run in the club!

So, for ~12 weeks, 2 days each week, the kids run around the school field after school. They train themselves to run 1 to 2 miles. Then, those that qualify can run in the races. Several of our school district's schools get together and the kids run against each other in the race. I think it's been about 400 to 500 kids racing (from ~4 schools). That's a lot! Jared got to run in 2 of the 3 races. This last time, thankfully, I remembered to bring my camera - Ha! ;)

Here are a few pics of our racer! So proud of him to run (and WANT to run) and compete! All of these kids are pretty amazing to run 1.53 miles! Uff, that's a lot! ;)

The race goes off in "pods"...6th grade boys then 6th grade girls, next 5th grade boys then 5th grade girls. And so on and so on down to Kindergarten (yes! even small little Kinders!). Here, the 3rd grade girls are up at the line and Jared's 2nd grade boys group is behind them.2nd grade boys taking off!Jared off running. Go Jared!Jared on the race pathHe finished! Yay! Jared enjoying an after-race treat, a banana :)Again, we are proud that Jared has taken up this sport, all on his own, and enjoys it! :)
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