Monday, February 06, 2012

Celebrating Our 100th Birthday!

As an Arizona native, I'm pretty proud to see the kids and their school's celebrating our state's 100th birthday. Last week, the girls' class celebrated all week long, learning about cowboys, cowgirls and the "wild west," brought home cute little horse crafts, making cowboy hats, dressing up as cowboys/cowgirls and taking pictures with a stuffed horsey (I'll have to scan those in once the teacher hands them back - way cute!) and more. So today, I had to take pictures of the girls' "Arizona" crafts they made at school and brought home. It makes this native pretty proud of my little girly natives ;D

Bethany's and Anna's cacti they made. Cute idea using toothpicks for the cactus thorns!Brielle's and Suzan's cactiThen a coyote, cactus and beautiful sunset (we have LOTS of awesome sunsets here!) Bethany's and Anna's creations.And Brielle's and Suzan's. Yes, Suzan wrote her own name. How awesome is that?! What a smart little girly :)Technically Arizona doesn't turn 100 until the 14th (yes, we're the "valentine state" ;) ). The girls' school is having a little birthday party for Arizona this weekend too, with games, food, bouncies and more. We're planning on going to that with all 5 kids.

Yes, this native is proud of her state! Why not? It is an amazing state filled many beautiful creations from God (remember, we're also the Grand Canyon State!), has wonderful weather (hey, at least we have air conditioning in the summer months ;P ), great schools (I can't say enough about the girls' and Jared's schools!) and many job opportunities (did you know Intel is building a brand new Fab, or factory, here which President Obama toured a few weeks ago?). So, as you can see, Arizona is an awesome state and it's pretty awesome we get to celebrate its 100th birthday :D
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Linda Chapman said...

Happy Birthday to your amazing state! Perhaps you will share pics from the big celebration soon. You have some gifted artists in your family!! Beautiful!

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