Thursday, January 05, 2012

Coca-Cola Freestyle

Has anyone else seen one of these before? We just came across this newfangled machine last month, when a new restaurant opened by our home with this in it.Needless to say, we were a bit excited to try it ;)

It is call the Coca-Cola Freestyle. It's a touch-screen soda fountain that, get this, has 100+ drink choices. Ever want to try a raspberry Coca-Cola? It's got that. A strawberry Sprite? Yes, it has that too. How about one of my favorites, a Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla? Yes, that too! Even flavored Dansani waters, like lime, peach and grape to name a few.

We don't drink a whole lot of soda in our house (well, except for PWC ;) ) so this machine was pretty cool to come across.

Want to see if there is one in your area? Go the Coca-Cola Freestyle website to check. Sorry 58701, 58503 and 55943. There are none in your areas. You might have to come here to check it out ;)
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Anonymous said...

I love when I walk into a restaurant and see one of these!

Anonymous said...

Almost all of the Mr. Goodcents Restaurants have them!

Jen said...

Our Pei Wei has had it for a while. SO COOL!

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