Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bethany and her "funky tooth"

I am posting this as some friends of mine were curious about this phenomenon ;)

All the girls (and Jared too) have never had issues with their baby teeth. They all came in okay. All were accounted for and present. With Jared, he's had no issues losing his baby teeth and having the permanents come in. Well, out of the 5 of them we have an "anomaly," if you want to call it that. Bethany has always had, what I call, her "funky tooth." I, nor Paul, have never seen anything like this before. No mention of it in previous generations either.

So, I had to use my "Google foo" and search for this tooth. Here is what I came up with. Either she has a 1) fused tooth or a 2) geminated tooth. There's an interesting explanation on these two conditions here. In my uneducated-in-any-and-all-dental-medicine "expertise," I'd say hers is of the fusion kind. You can see from the pictures that it looks like her right central incisor fused with another tooth. She still has the normal and correct count for the lateral incisor just next to this fused tooth. I also think it's fused because an x-ray of it (she was complaining of tooth pain around this tooth at the last dental visit so the dentist performed an x-ray of it, just to be safe. the tooth was not the culprit of the pain, thank goodness) showed 1 huge root, almost like 2 roots in one. The dentist said her "funky tooth" is nothing to be concerned about but that we "might" have to pull or "help it along" when she starts losing her baby teeth and the permanents are to come down. Her tooth might be a stinker of a tooth and not want to pop out ;)

Bethany being patient with Mama taking her picture ;)
A close-upAnother interesting point, Bethany is an identical twin so Anna, her twin, shows no geminated or fused teeth whatsoever. That stumped the dentist a bit ;) I guess Bethany is the only lucky one (0.5% to 2.5% of Caucasian children have this) in the family with this. Thankfully, it does not cause her any discomfort or pain and won't affect her permanent teeth (the x-ray showed a "normal" central incisor). Plus, she doesn't even notice how different that one tooth is.

I will say that I will be sad when she loses this "funky tooth" and her smile totally changes. This smile with these teeth makes my Bethany my Bethany :D
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Linda Chapman said...

How precious!!

Amblurbs said...

Hi there! I've never posted on your blog but wanted to share that my nephew had a tooth just like this! We called it his tiger tooth :).. He ended up falling face-first onto my sister's bed frame and knocked it out a couple years ago, but this is the first time I've seen one like it.

Margo said...

Bryce has a geminated tooth! Seth doesn't though, interesting, huh?

Sally Smith said...

I have identical twin boys - one of them also has a fused tooth, but not the other. The dentist said it must be developmental, as otherwise they would both have one. However this type of tooth is also hereditary - I had one as a child too. Very strange and interesing!

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