Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bethany and her "funky tooth"

I am posting this as some friends of mine were curious about this phenomenon ;)

All the girls (and Jared too) have never had issues with their baby teeth. They all came in okay. All were accounted for and present. With Jared, he's had no issues losing his baby teeth and having the permanents come in. Well, out of the 5 of them we have an "anomaly," if you want to call it that. Bethany has always had, what I call, her "funky tooth." I, nor Paul, have never seen anything like this before. No mention of it in previous generations either.

So, I had to use my "Google foo" and search for this tooth. Here is what I came up with. Either she has a 1) fused tooth or a 2) geminated tooth. There's an interesting explanation on these two conditions here. In my uneducated-in-any-and-all-dental-medicine "expertise," I'd say hers is of the fusion kind. You can see from the pictures that it looks like her right central incisor fused with another tooth. She still has the normal and correct count for the lateral incisor just next to this fused tooth. I also think it's fused because an x-ray of it (she was complaining of tooth pain around this tooth at the last dental visit so the dentist performed an x-ray of it, just to be safe. the tooth was not the culprit of the pain, thank goodness) showed 1 huge root, almost like 2 roots in one. The dentist said her "funky tooth" is nothing to be concerned about but that we "might" have to pull or "help it along" when she starts losing her baby teeth and the permanents are to come down. Her tooth might be a stinker of a tooth and not want to pop out ;)

Bethany being patient with Mama taking her picture ;)
A close-upAnother interesting point, Bethany is an identical twin so Anna, her twin, shows no geminated or fused teeth whatsoever. That stumped the dentist a bit ;) I guess Bethany is the only lucky one (0.5% to 2.5% of Caucasian children have this) in the family with this. Thankfully, it does not cause her any discomfort or pain and won't affect her permanent teeth (the x-ray showed a "normal" central incisor). Plus, she doesn't even notice how different that one tooth is.

I will say that I will be sad when she loses this "funky tooth" and her smile totally changes. This smile with these teeth makes my Bethany my Bethany :D
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Saturday, January 07, 2012

With Dad :)

Brielle, Anna and Bethany with Dad..."giddy up horsey!" Suz snoozed and missed out on the ride.Oh wait! Maybe not! ;) Okay, there's nothing like having 5 kids climb all over you ;OWe love our Daddy, yes we do!!!!! :)
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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Coca-Cola Freestyle

Has anyone else seen one of these before? We just came across this newfangled machine last month, when a new restaurant opened by our home with this in it.Needless to say, we were a bit excited to try it ;)

It is call the Coca-Cola Freestyle. It's a touch-screen soda fountain that, get this, has 100+ drink choices. Ever want to try a raspberry Coca-Cola? It's got that. A strawberry Sprite? Yes, it has that too. How about one of my favorites, a Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla? Yes, that too! Even flavored Dansani waters, like lime, peach and grape to name a few.

We don't drink a whole lot of soda in our house (well, except for PWC ;) ) so this machine was pretty cool to come across.

Want to see if there is one in your area? Go the Coca-Cola Freestyle website to check. Sorry 58701, 58503 and 55943. There are none in your areas. You might have to come here to check it out ;)
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The Musical Instrument Museum

I had not heard of this museum until my mom mentioned it to me and treated the kids and I to a visit to it today. I have to say, it is a pretty awesome museum! I was so surprised at their collection...mechanical instruments and their history, TONS of instruments from artists (like Eric Clapton's guitar, Elvis's bongo drums, a drum played in China for the 2008 Summer Olympics), instruments from around the world (from over 200 countries) and an interactive room where you are permitted to "gently play" some instruments. Oh, and they provide complementary headsets that automatically turn on and off at each specific instrument, e.g. listen to a Steinway piano play, listen to woman from Kazakhstan play the Kyl Kobyz (bowed lute). The kids enjoyed the headsets and listening to all of the different kinds of music. So did the Mama and Grammy ;)

These are just a "few" pictures I selected to post, out of the 241 pictures I took. Yes, I went overboard and snapped a pic, here and there ;) Enjoy!

Grammy and the kids (Suzan, Jared, Brielle, Bethany and Anna) ready for our museum tour :)First off, the section of mechanical instruments. Here, a mechanical mouth organ. Wow! I didn't know they made roller trumpets!A mini roller pianoSuzan listening to the music :)Bethany :)The kids and Grammy listeningThis is one huge mechanical dance organ! It comes from Belgium.A barrel organ from Ukraine. Despite its compact size, it is one of the loudest instruments in the museum.A barrel organ from Norway, dated 1893 and made by Christian Tharaldsen, Norway's most prolific barrel-organ builder in late-19th-century.Next, the section of artists' instruments. Here, Eric Clapton's guitarDrums from the Black Eyed PeasRemember that awesome opening ceremony display at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China? Here's 1 of the 2008 drums the drummers played!A 3-neck guitar made especially for Steve VaiOh, just a guitar that Elvis played ;)"Uhh hu!" A costume of Elvis'sElvis's Army fatigue shirt and bongos, given to him as a holiday present from Priscilla shortly after they metGuitar from the Jonas BrothersThird, viewing instruments from all over the world, 200+ countries to be specific. Here, the Kyl bobyz, or bowed lute, from KazakhstanHere's how you play it :)Dress from Mongolia, worn during a traditional music ceremonyA taiko, or double-headed barrel drum, from JapanPeruvians wear this during the Scissors Dance. And yes, those are scissors - cool!In the background is a cutaway of a Steinway & Sons grand piano. Here, we're watching/listening to how a Steinway piano is built. Very cool!Suzan in front of a 1/4-size violin. The violin was so tiny and cute! Can I have 4 of them, please? :DWow! Those Norwegians know how to gild a violin!Lastly, we head to the experience section of the museum where patrons can play instruments. After ~2hrs the kids needed some "play time"...JaredSuzan. I think she got the most "into it" with these instruments ;)BrielleAnnaAnna and the gong :) That gong was so cool to play!BethanyJared with the gong, nowWhew! That's a LOT of pictures! Both my mom and I said the same thing when we left..."there's a lot to see in there! and i don't think we saw it all!" Our 2.5hrs just touched the tip of the iceberg there ;)

Very cool and awesome! Thank you again Grammy! :)
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