Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's been unusually cold and wet here. We're getting a lot of that weather from California (thank you! ;) ). It's been fun! Lots of rain and frigid temps. It also means snow up north (which I'd like to see ASAP before it all melts away ;) )! Like 2.5 feet of snow forecast just for today! That doesn't include the snow they've received these last few days, e.g. at least 8 to 14 inches. Yay! Maybe, just maybe, we can get up there. The kids keep asking "can we go see the snow? PLEASE!" We'll see ;)

In any case, the kids enjoyed catching rain drops when we came home from school today. Too cute! Remember, we don't get much rain here. Our annual rainfall average is ~7 inches and, to date, we've only received ~4 inches. Yup, we're that dry ;) So when we get rain, we REALLY like it! :)

Enjoy the video!

Raindrops 121311 from Pelikan on Vimeo
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