Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas 2011

This Christmas we stayed in town. Now being older, especially the girls, the kids were SO excited for Christmas! It was super cute hearing them talk all about Christmas :) Also this year, I took video instead of still pictures. That way you get the "whole effect" of our kids and their excitement ;) Enjoy!

Video from our Christmas morning. **DISCLAIMER! Sorry, it's long (19 minutes)**

Christmas 2011 from Pelikan on Vimeo

Then, we had Grammy, Paul's cousins and aunt and our good friends and their kids over for Christmas dinner. We had a good time with everyone and stuffed ourselves with yummy food!

Ah, Cousin Jayson! He came dressed as Buddy from the movie "Elf." Good one Jayson ;)Jared with Buddy ;)All of the kids with Buddy (although Anna, on the far right end, was NOT up for being with Buddy! ;P )Suz doesn't mind Buddy - Ha! :)Our friends' youngest child with BuddyUs with Buddy too?! Okay ;) Grammy, Buddy, Me, Paul and Anna (still not wanting to leave our side while Buddy was around - can't blame her ;) )That was our Christmas! I can't believe it came and went that fast! Like a blink of an eye, I tell you! Now, we await 2012! Maybe I can get on the ball and get some sparkling cider and fun little cups for the kids to enjoy and cheer in the New Year? And some noise makers, hats or confetti poppers for them too? Lots of cute New Years craft ideas out there!

Hope your Christmas was a very blessed one!
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