Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lego Pick-a-Brick Wall

Have you seen this before?Well, for Christmas Jared got 2 packages/gift certificates to go to the Pick-a-Brick wall at our local Lego Store. He was super excited when he opened this Christmas gift. So, this afternoon Jared and I went to the store and filled up his 2 boxes. You fill up the box with whatever/however many bricks you can for FREE! Sweet!He and I then had a blast coming up with our own Lego projects :) First, he made what he calls his "go cart" :)Then, a "Jeep"He also made a hammer, treasure chest, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and a flower box (for the girls - he put it in the center of our dining table for some dinner "ambiance" this evening ;) )

Me? I just made this...The house comes with a side yard of flowers...A vegetable garden on the side...We added a bit of green grass on the back, with a water fountain, some green plants on top and a dog house :)The front of the "mansion" ;) A fancy walkway to the front door. Entry lights on the sides ;)Did Mama enjoy her son's Christmas gift too? Why yes. Yes, she did. I'm thankful he was kind enough to share with me too :)

Sometimes, the best Lego projects are the ones you create all on your own! Especially with your 7-year-old son! :D
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We love those pick a brick walls!! Jared is so cute Maria!!

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