Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! Ring in 2012!

Here's how we spent our last evening of 2011!

Anna, Suzan, Bethany and Brielle enjoying their party hats and noise makers (those ones that make that whirly, high-pitched noise? yeah, Paul really loved those ;) )I thought this one was cute, of Bethany at least. I forget why she is laughing :)Jared, Anna, Suzan, Bethany and Brielle - last group picture this year! ;)After a dinner out of yummy Mexican food (Someburros!), we came back home and opened some bubbly...sparkling cider bubbly :)Bethany smelling it - "mmm! I think this was a good year mama!"Nothing like Martinelli's and M&Ms for a New Years Eve treat :DThen, after the girlies rang in the New Year and went to bed, Paul and I took Jared outside to light up some sparklersA blurry pic but a good one of Jared and his sparklerAnother one of JaredSee all of you next year! Ha! ;)
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