Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night! :)

Tonight when we came back from our church's Christmas Eve service, we let the kids open one gift. You can see the gift they are wearing in the video below (ahem, Christmas PJs ;) ). After they put on their jammies they said "can we read a story, mama?" I said "sure! how about "'Twas the Night Before Christmas?" "Yes!" they exclaimed. So Jared started running off to his room. I said "wait bud! we have the book here (in a stack of Christmas books I put out every Christmas)." He said "no! the story from Grandma Carlson!" You see, last year Grandpa and Grandma Carlson sent the kids a voice-recorded storybook of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." The kids love it! So, of course, tonight they had to sit down and listen/read Grandma C's book :D So cute and sweet! (**this year she sent us the "Frosty the Snowman" recorded storybook - thank you again!!)

Here in the video, the kids sit on our sofa, in their Christmas jammies, listening to Grandma Carlson read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" to them. What a special Christmas Eve for them! Enjoy! (especially G&G C :D )

'Twas the Night Before Christmas 122411 from Pelikan on Vimeo
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