Thursday, December 22, 2011

Carol of the Bells Dancing

As you could probably guess, the kids are really enjoying the festivities of Christmas...lights, decorations, yummy treats, the tree (and consistently asking us to open the gifts underneath ;) ). One of the Christmas favorites that the girls keep asking for is to listen to Christmas music. I truly enjoy this, as I have a musical history/background (played the violin for 13 years growing up...played in the school and college symphonies growing up and so played Handel's "Messiah," the song "Sleigh Ride" and much, much more! Oh, and I played the hand bells in church too :) ).

The girls enjoy laying on the sofa listening to the music or, and more often than not, put on a little dance to it. Well, they did this the other day and I caught it on tape :) All of them enjoy dancing but I will say that one of them (ahem, Suzan ;) ) "super duper" enjoys it. Sometimes she even dances without music. She just tip toes and twirls around saying "mama, watch my dance!" Cute! :)

Enjoy the video of our ballerinas! ;)

Carol of the Bells Dancing 121311 from Pelikan on Vimeo
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