Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crafts and Activities for Thanksgiving

I don't know about your kids but mine can get a little antsy at times...even at someone else's home where they don't have their toys, play areas and familiarity. So, I thought I would be a bit proactive this year and get some crafts and activities lined up for Jared and the girls to do on Thanksgiving. Most of these I found off the Internet. Some were pre-made/bought and some I made into kits for them myself. I wanted something that both Jared and the girls would enjoy...and also something that is fairly mess free, e.g. NO finger paint or liquid glue (or even hot glue!). Here's what I came up with.

1) Thanksgiving/fall beaded bracelets
Most of this stuff I already had, like the pony beads and elastic. I just pulled out the "fall" colored beads and cut the elastic to 7" in length. Now, I did make the polymer clay beads, the pumpkins, leaves, acorns and apples. You can do it too! It's super cheap (~$2 for a chunk of one color of clay that with definitely last you a while!) and easy to make (just go with it and sculpt it like Play-Doh then bake in the oven). This necklace from Oriental Trading Company was my inspiration. However, if you have the time for the shipping, you could order these from OTC!

2) Felt Turkey Hand Puppets
I got these from Hobby Lobby (who doesn't jump up and down with joy in HL? ;) ) last month. Now, don't even try to go find these! Even though Thanksgiving isn't here yet, all of their fall/Thanksgiving inventory is gone! Boo! :P Anyways, I am sure you could make your own kit of these with pages of felt and googly eyes.

3) Foam Turkey Headbands
Again, another early Hobby Lobby purchase but you could easy make with pages of colored foam (which Hobby Lobby always carries in stock).

4) Activity Pages for Jared (or an older child)
I found a couple of older-child activity pages that I thought Jared might enjoy. I found them at Reading-with-Kids and Blessed Mom.

5) Activity Place mat
I Google'd for a "Thanksgiving place mat" and found this cute one from Family Fun. In fact, they have lots of cute printables available!

6) Cornucopia Craft
This next one I just happen to come across. I thought it was a super cute idea! Plus, my girls love coloring, cutting and pasting (with a glue stick - Yay for those! ;) ) anything ;) I found it at the All Kids Network website. They, too, have lots of fun stuff for kids!

7) The Mayflower craft
This is way too cute! However, I had to modify it, as I didn't want to have my kids running around with painted hands! Instead, I used cotton balls for the clouds, cut up some different shades of blue tissue paper to glue for the water and then traced and cut out my kids' hand prints for the the boats. Yay! You can find this idea (and much more!) at the Fryman Four blog.

8) Thankful Turkeys
I was thinking of this turkey in my head. I had him all planned out. Then, I came across the Enchanted Learning site and found my turkey but in a thankful form. Awesome! I really like the idea of having the kids write what they are thankful for on the feathers. I also thought of this idea for a tree and leaves but just went with the 1 thankful craft project, my turkey :)

9) Thanksgiving Bingo
Who doesn't like Bingo?! While I was perusing Family Fun I saw their Thanksgiving Bingo printables. Very cool! So I printed them out. Wait! My girls don't read yet! Ha! Okay, recycle and scratch that idea. Then, I thought "maybe there's a Thanksgiving bingo with pictures?" Oh yes there is! And I found it! With super cute graphics too ;) It's at Making Friends. I was just going to print it out when I thought (again ;) ) "wouldn't this be cool in color?" Mind you, we don't have a color printer. B&W only. Go fig. So I uploaded it to my local Staples Copy & Print and had them print it out for me. Oh, did I mention that I got them laminated too? That way, we can reuse these year after year. Fun! I also got a bag of licorice to give a piece each to the bingo winners ;)

10) Thanksgiving Coloring Pages
Lastly, you can't go wrong with coloring pages. I found these at Calvary Kids Pages (I really like the Psalm 136 one!), Family Fun and ThoraThinks.

I know, I have probably way too many crafts/activities listed here for my kids to do while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. They might not get to all of them either. However, I'd rather be safe (with more) than sorry ;)

Hope you enjoyed my ideas here. Try some of them! I know I can't wait to play Thanksgiving Bingo with my kids :D
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JJ said...

I came across your post this morning as I was looking for some Thanksgiving activities for my pre-school daughter. I'm so glad you posted all this! I went and printed several of the items (bingo game, cornucopia, placemats). Thank you for sharing your great ideas!

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