Thursday, October 27, 2011


The girls are making me laugh these days. The conversations and interactions they have are so cute! Here are a few...

Suzan - "when i turn five, i go to Jared's school and have my birthday!"

**a conversation that just happened at church this morning**
The girls' church classroom teacher asks who would like to pick the song to sing today.
Brielle - "me!"
Teacher - "what song would you like to sing Brielle"
Brielle - "the noise song"
Anna (looking at Brielle) - "did you pick the noise song?"
Brielle - "yes, the noise song?"
Anna (pauses. then, looking at Brielle) - "good job!" (and includes her "thumbs up" thumb)

Me (after a mealtime) - "Bethany, go wash your hands and face in the bathroom."
Bethany - "okay"(starts to go down the hall, then stops) "mama! come with me!"
Me - "no. you go."
Bethany - "mama, i'm scary!"
Anna (jumps into the conversation) - "i'll go with you Bethany!"
Bethany - "thanks Anna! mama, Anna is coming with me."
Me - "oh. okay."

Anna (whenever someone sneezes) - "bless you [insert name]!"

All girls (whenever they see a bird) - "ckkkk!" (like a cat hiss. they also hold up their hands like a cat's paw ready to claw at it - where they learned this, I don't know! Ha! ;) )

Bethany (standing at my legs, looking up at me with arms wide open) - "hold you me, mama!"

Suzan (at the breakfast table) - "mama, can i have squirrel chow?" (**okay, maybe Dad said this phrase first, in reference to the Honey Bunches of Oats cereal I got for us a few times. And if you know Paul, you know he'd say/start something like this. Needless to say, the girls caught onto the phrase and it stuck. Ha!)

I'm sure I've missed a few other funnies from our girls. They are too cute and bring laughter to our home! :)
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