Saturday, October 22, 2011

Boo! At our Zoo!

We took our 5 kids to our zoo's Boo event again this year. I think they enjoyed it. They got to play some games, win prizes, eat a few candies being handed out and check out the zoo's animals. There were lots of kids there, some even dressed up in their Halloween costume. That was cool to see! Oh, and Anna hugged a pig. You'll have to ask her about that the next time you see/talk with her ;)

Just a few pics of our outing today. Enjoy!

The kids at Boo @ the Zoo...Suzan, Brielle, Jared, Bethany and AnnaThe girls participating in a game. It was a "hot potato"-like game but the person holding the stuffed animal gets a prize.Suzan got a prize first!Then BrielleAnd then Anna got the "grand prize" ;) Bethany got a prize too, just like Suzan's and Brielle'sHey look! A cow! ;)Next up? Well, I purchased a Groupon deal for addmission to another local farm's fall festival. So...we'll be doing that in the near future ;) I also hear fun things about this next farm - Yay! :D
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