Friday, October 28, 2011


For the second year in a row, I made Jared's Halloween costume. He chose to be a ninja this year. Not to brag, but I think this turned out SUPER AWESOME! Jared loves it! Yay!

And to think it was ~$6 to make his costume. Sweet! :D

The girls will be the same as they were last year. I won't say so you'll have to remember what they were to know ;) They are excited to don their costumes too!
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Neighborhood Pumpkin Carving Party

Our neighbors hosted a pumpkin carving party/potluck for us other neighbors. We had fun! Lots of yummy food that everyone brought, playing for the kids and Jared had fun carving his pumpkin. We'll carve another one to put out for Halloween evening.

Can you tell what he carved? It's a skeleton!Then, back home, the girls wanted to have their "own" pumpkin decorating party ;)BrielleAnnaBethanySuzan? I guess I didn't take her picture with her pumpkin. Whoops! :P

The girls outside with all 5 decorated pumpkins!The kids are getting excited for some trick-or-treating come Monday! :D
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Over the kids' fall break from school we were able to go see my dad, Grandpa. His health hasn't been great since last year and it also last year that we saw him. So, it was time! It was a quick day-trip for us. Grammy went all too.

It was good for my dad to see us all and for us, especially the kids, to see him.

Me and my dadMe, Grammy and the kids with my dadThe 7 of us with GrandpaWe're praying for him and his health! Praying for wisdom from the doctors, for any procedures he will have to endure and for care for him!
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Thursday, October 27, 2011


The girls are making me laugh these days. The conversations and interactions they have are so cute! Here are a few...

Suzan - "when i turn five, i go to Jared's school and have my birthday!"

**a conversation that just happened at church this morning**
The girls' church classroom teacher asks who would like to pick the song to sing today.
Brielle - "me!"
Teacher - "what song would you like to sing Brielle"
Brielle - "the noise song"
Anna (looking at Brielle) - "did you pick the noise song?"
Brielle - "yes, the noise song?"
Anna (pauses. then, looking at Brielle) - "good job!" (and includes her "thumbs up" thumb)

Me (after a mealtime) - "Bethany, go wash your hands and face in the bathroom."
Bethany - "okay"(starts to go down the hall, then stops) "mama! come with me!"
Me - "no. you go."
Bethany - "mama, i'm scary!"
Anna (jumps into the conversation) - "i'll go with you Bethany!"
Bethany - "thanks Anna! mama, Anna is coming with me."
Me - "oh. okay."

Anna (whenever someone sneezes) - "bless you [insert name]!"

All girls (whenever they see a bird) - "ckkkk!" (like a cat hiss. they also hold up their hands like a cat's paw ready to claw at it - where they learned this, I don't know! Ha! ;) )

Bethany (standing at my legs, looking up at me with arms wide open) - "hold you me, mama!"

Suzan (at the breakfast table) - "mama, can i have squirrel chow?" (**okay, maybe Dad said this phrase first, in reference to the Honey Bunches of Oats cereal I got for us a few times. And if you know Paul, you know he'd say/start something like this. Needless to say, the girls caught onto the phrase and it stuck. Ha!)

I'm sure I've missed a few other funnies from our girls. They are too cute and bring laughter to our home! :)
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Boo! At our Zoo!

We took our 5 kids to our zoo's Boo event again this year. I think they enjoyed it. They got to play some games, win prizes, eat a few candies being handed out and check out the zoo's animals. There were lots of kids there, some even dressed up in their Halloween costume. That was cool to see! Oh, and Anna hugged a pig. You'll have to ask her about that the next time you see/talk with her ;)

Just a few pics of our outing today. Enjoy!

The kids at Boo @ the Zoo...Suzan, Brielle, Jared, Bethany and AnnaThe girls participating in a game. It was a "hot potato"-like game but the person holding the stuffed animal gets a prize.Suzan got a prize first!Then BrielleAnd then Anna got the "grand prize" ;) Bethany got a prize too, just like Suzan's and Brielle'sHey look! A cow! ;)Next up? Well, I purchased a Groupon deal for addmission to another local farm's fall festival. So...we'll be doing that in the near future ;) I also hear fun things about this next farm - Yay! :D
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The Great Pumpkin Festival

We (Grammy and I) did this with the girls last year. It was fun then. So, I decided to take the girls again (sorry Jared, you're in school Bud :( ) yesterday. And Grammy was willing to join us again too - Yay!

They have lots for the kids. We had a hay ride, hay maze, picked pumpkins from the patch, saw (and pet) some farm animals, had homemade kettle corn as a snack (SUPER easy and yummy recipe folks!), listened to music from Pick and Holler and then played some games and coloring. Fun for the girlies, for sure! :)

Enjoy the pics!

Suzan, Brielle, Anna and Bethany amongst some pumpkinsMama and Grammy with the girlies...Brielle, Anna, Grammy, Bethany, Mama and SuzanTaking a hayride out to the pumpkins. Brielle and GrammyMama and Suzan, Bethany and AnnaHey! A haymaze! Grammy, Suzan, Anna, Bethany, Brielle and MamaThe girlies walking through itThey added some cool obstacles into the maze this year. A tireYes Grammy, I took your picture too ;)And a fun tunnelThe petting zoo. Only Brielle, Anna and Bethany wanted to go in. Suz wanted to stay out of there! She loves animals but loves to keep her distance from them too - Ha! ;)Petting the piggy. Brielle petting the animals!Chickens tooSheepAnd goats tooThe girlies loved posing on the tractor ;) ...BethanyAnnaSuzanBrielleThe girls playing one of the festival games...Find the Bug!They also had crafts for the kids to make. Anna here decorating a pumpkinSuzan. She loves all things coloring/crayons/markers and crafts. Guess she's like her Mama, in that regard ;)Next up? Paul and I take all 5 kids to our Boo @ the Zoo. Fun!

**And yes, I did make the girls' shirts. I just have too much fun doing that for them. They get SO excited about them too - Ha! :) Suzan has the acorn, Anna the red apples in the bushel basket, Bethany the Indian corn and Brielle the wheat.
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The girls playing "drums"

I had to take video of the girlies playing "drums" this morning. It was too funny! It's amazing what items kids turn into in order to play/pretend ;)

Some funny notes on this video...Suzan has a spider ring in her mouth. That's always her M.O. She loves to chew on things. Yes, even at 3 years old. Which is why I got a chew bracelet for her :) She can wear it (obviously, in her favorite yellow color ;) ) and chew to her heart's content. That's the purpose of the bracelet.

Another funny thing in the video is I ask Bethany if she is the conductor, as she had the music book, with drum sound, in her lap. She kept saying "no." Later, in watching the video playback Bethany tells me "mama, i'm not a doctor." Ha! Conductor? Doctor? I guess they do sound the same ;)

Enjoy the clip!

Drumline 101511 from Pelikan on Vimeo
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