Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here's a funny story :) ...

Yesterday, the girls and I were waiting in the hallway of their school classroom, waiting for their preschool class to start/open. A grammy and little boy come walking down the hallway to his class, the 4's class next the girls' class. The girls say "hi david!" Well, he's not in their class and I don't think they know him or his name but, as usual, my girls are friendly and say "hi!" to everyone :) He turns around and waves and his grammy turns and says "oh, his name is hayden." Then I tell the girls "his name's hayden" and they reply with "hi hayden!" Ha! Anyways, the grammy turns again, smiles at us and says "hi! oh, are you twins?" Brielle quickly retorts back with a "quatruplets!" Ha! Oh my! Needless to say, the grammy turns and says "triplets?" and Brielle says again "quatruplets!" She looks at me and I clarify "they're quadruplets," which then Brielle looks at me, then back at her and says "yeah, quatruplets."

I guess the girls do hear me say to folks "yes, they are quadruplets." I must say it a lot if the girls are saying it now ;)

I wonder at what point/age the girls are going to understand what quadruplets really means? Maybe Kindergarten? And then to realize that they are rare and have never met another set of quadruplets? Maybe 1st or 2nd grade? I remember Jared, in Kindergarten, telling folks when we'd be out "yeah, they're quadruplets." So funny!

Hope you enjoyed this giggle! :D
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pyjammy pam said...

my friend with GGGGs said she's had people ask that - "are they qua-triplets?" hee!

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