Saturday, September 17, 2011

My colorers

Okay, here's the reveal of my colorers with the girlies :D

Quadruplet Girl #1 --> BETHANY!Yes, sometimes Bethany still gravitates towards the green colors but then...sometimes not ;)

Quadruplet Girl #2 --> SUZAN!Suz has always been our very skilled fine-motor girl. Seriously. Since she was little. And she still is, with coloring (she LOVES to color..and don't you DARE throw away ANY coloring project of hers unless you want Suz Wrath!!! Trust me. I've been there ;P) and with any beading/craft projects.

Quadruplet Girl #3 --> BRIELLE!She has a tendency, for now, to use her left hand more than the right. Whether that's coloring or eating. It's funny. And it requires me to think a bit backwards in helping her with things, as I'm a righty ;)

Quadruplet Girl #4 --> ANNA!Yes, she chose the blue color! Although, while they were doing this "homework" she did cry out for her pink crayon, which she found and used (as seen above)...and then was willing to share with her sisters ;)

Hope you enjoyed the quiz! :D
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