Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coloring Preschool Homework

Okay, let me clarify by saying that the girlies don't really get "homework" from school. They are THREE! ;) Their teacher does send home some "extra" papers for them to do, if so desired. Oh, and the girlies only call it "homework" because they know that Big Brother comes home from school and does "homework" - Ha! ;) Gotta be like him!

Lately, their class is learning a letter for that week so their "homework" is all on that letter. This week's letter is the letter D. This morning I pulled out their "homework" and let the girls complete it. Then, they love bringing it back to school to get it graded (aka, a smiley face :) ) by Miss E. Not necessary or required; just something the girlies decided to do - Ha! Too cute! :D

Bethany, Suzan, Brielle and Anna doing their "homework" ;)Okay, can you guess who is coloring, just by their hands, their laterality and their fine-motor skills? No cheating! ;)

Quadruplet Girl #1Quadruplet Girl #2Quadruplet Girl #3Quadruplet Girl #4No, I did not switch their hands around, make them color with a certain color or with a particular hand. They did this all on their own. As you can see, they are all so different! And even maybe a lefty in the mix? We do have lefties in our family...Paul's mom and brother and my grandmother.

Next week is the letter E and probably some more coloring "homework" ;)
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Anonymous said...

1 - Bethany
2 - Suzan
3 - Anna
4 - Brielle

That is my guess!

The Carlsons said...

Close! Anyone else have a guess?

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