Saturday, September 10, 2011

Big Bugs!

We still have our membership to our Desert Botanical Gardens (Yay!) and they just opened a new exhibit. It's called "Big Bugs" by David Rogers. They had a special "members only preview" this evening so we went to it. Very cool! The Big Bugs are made out of fallen or found wood that Rogers then sculpts and shapes into various bugs. And the Bugs are HUGE! Like the Dragonfly that is 17 feet x 17 feet and weighs 175lbs. Wow! The kids enjoyed walking around the Gardens checking out the bugs and other interactive exhibits (like the Ground Beetles and Lady Bugs next to the Lady Bug exhibit). The weather was somewhat nice too...overcast and breezy. Enjoy the pics!

The Praying Mantis at the Gardens entranceAn Assassin BugSuzan, Bethany, Jared, Anna and Brielle by the Daddy LonglegsThis guy is alive and for real ;) ...a Road Runner. We also saw some Quail and lizards crossing the walkway and one of the volunteers said that Coyotes were wandering around too. Cool!A Tortoise moseying alongA Spider in the WebA Damsel FlyA Grasshopper. Did you know that a Grasshopper can hop a distance 20x it's length? Wow!Ants. These were cool, sitting on the hill. From this view they look little...But once you come up on them you realize nope, they are BIG!A DragonflyA Lady BugAnd another, night time pic, of the Praying MantisA very fun exhibit! We might just have to go see it again, especially when it gets much cooler around here. Oh, and what was so sweet was they gave, as "exiting gifts," lady bug cookies to the kids. Too cute! Our kids are already drooling and ready to eat them in the morning - Ha! ;) Paul had to joke with Jared and ask "okay, so are those called lady bug cookies because 1) they are shaped and decorated like lady bugs or 2) they are MADE out of lady bugs?" (**side note here, at one of the exhibits they had a can of bugs sitting on the display table and said that some bugs, like those, are EATEN in some countries - blech!! :P ) Thankfully, Jared went with #1 ;)
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