Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here's a funny story :) ...

Yesterday, the girls and I were waiting in the hallway of their school classroom, waiting for their preschool class to start/open. A grammy and little boy come walking down the hallway to his class, the 4's class next the girls' class. The girls say "hi david!" Well, he's not in their class and I don't think they know him or his name but, as usual, my girls are friendly and say "hi!" to everyone :) He turns around and waves and his grammy turns and says "oh, his name is hayden." Then I tell the girls "his name's hayden" and they reply with "hi hayden!" Ha! Anyways, the grammy turns again, smiles at us and says "hi! oh, are you twins?" Brielle quickly retorts back with a "quatruplets!" Ha! Oh my! Needless to say, the grammy turns and says "triplets?" and Brielle says again "quatruplets!" She looks at me and I clarify "they're quadruplets," which then Brielle looks at me, then back at her and says "yeah, quatruplets."

I guess the girls do hear me say to folks "yes, they are quadruplets." I must say it a lot if the girls are saying it now ;)

I wonder at what point/age the girls are going to understand what quadruplets really means? Maybe Kindergarten? And then to realize that they are rare and have never met another set of quadruplets? Maybe 1st or 2nd grade? I remember Jared, in Kindergarten, telling folks when we'd be out "yeah, they're quadruplets." So funny!

Hope you enjoyed this giggle! :D
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My colorers

Okay, here's the reveal of my colorers with the girlies :D

Quadruplet Girl #1 --> BETHANY!Yes, sometimes Bethany still gravitates towards the green colors but then...sometimes not ;)

Quadruplet Girl #2 --> SUZAN!Suz has always been our very skilled fine-motor girl. Seriously. Since she was little. And she still is, with coloring (she LOVES to color..and don't you DARE throw away ANY coloring project of hers unless you want Suz Wrath!!! Trust me. I've been there ;P) and with any beading/craft projects.

Quadruplet Girl #3 --> BRIELLE!She has a tendency, for now, to use her left hand more than the right. Whether that's coloring or eating. It's funny. And it requires me to think a bit backwards in helping her with things, as I'm a righty ;)

Quadruplet Girl #4 --> ANNA!Yes, she chose the blue color! Although, while they were doing this "homework" she did cry out for her pink crayon, which she found and used (as seen above)...and then was willing to share with her sisters ;)

Hope you enjoyed the quiz! :D
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coloring Preschool Homework

Okay, let me clarify by saying that the girlies don't really get "homework" from school. They are THREE! ;) Their teacher does send home some "extra" papers for them to do, if so desired. Oh, and the girlies only call it "homework" because they know that Big Brother comes home from school and does "homework" - Ha! ;) Gotta be like him!

Lately, their class is learning a letter for that week so their "homework" is all on that letter. This week's letter is the letter D. This morning I pulled out their "homework" and let the girls complete it. Then, they love bringing it back to school to get it graded (aka, a smiley face :) ) by Miss E. Not necessary or required; just something the girlies decided to do - Ha! Too cute! :D

Bethany, Suzan, Brielle and Anna doing their "homework" ;)Okay, can you guess who is coloring, just by their hands, their laterality and their fine-motor skills? No cheating! ;)

Quadruplet Girl #1Quadruplet Girl #2Quadruplet Girl #3Quadruplet Girl #4No, I did not switch their hands around, make them color with a certain color or with a particular hand. They did this all on their own. As you can see, they are all so different! And even maybe a lefty in the mix? We do have lefties in our family...Paul's mom and brother and my grandmother.

Next week is the letter E and probably some more coloring "homework" ;)
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Big Bugs!

We still have our membership to our Desert Botanical Gardens (Yay!) and they just opened a new exhibit. It's called "Big Bugs" by David Rogers. They had a special "members only preview" this evening so we went to it. Very cool! The Big Bugs are made out of fallen or found wood that Rogers then sculpts and shapes into various bugs. And the Bugs are HUGE! Like the Dragonfly that is 17 feet x 17 feet and weighs 175lbs. Wow! The kids enjoyed walking around the Gardens checking out the bugs and other interactive exhibits (like the Ground Beetles and Lady Bugs next to the Lady Bug exhibit). The weather was somewhat nice too...overcast and breezy. Enjoy the pics!

The Praying Mantis at the Gardens entranceAn Assassin BugSuzan, Bethany, Jared, Anna and Brielle by the Daddy LonglegsThis guy is alive and for real ;) ...a Road Runner. We also saw some Quail and lizards crossing the walkway and one of the volunteers said that Coyotes were wandering around too. Cool!A Tortoise moseying alongA Spider in the WebA Damsel FlyA Grasshopper. Did you know that a Grasshopper can hop a distance 20x it's length? Wow!Ants. These were cool, sitting on the hill. From this view they look little...But once you come up on them you realize nope, they are BIG!A DragonflyA Lady BugAnd another, night time pic, of the Praying MantisA very fun exhibit! We might just have to go see it again, especially when it gets much cooler around here. Oh, and what was so sweet was they gave, as "exiting gifts," lady bug cookies to the kids. Too cute! Our kids are already drooling and ready to eat them in the morning - Ha! ;) Paul had to joke with Jared and ask "okay, so are those called lady bug cookies because 1) they are shaped and decorated like lady bugs or 2) they are MADE out of lady bugs?" (**side note here, at one of the exhibits they had a can of bugs sitting on the display table and said that some bugs, like those, are EATEN in some countries - blech!! :P ) Thankfully, Jared went with #1 ;)
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