Friday, July 15, 2011

Wildman Phil

Last week the kids and I met Grammy and cousin Tyler at our local library for a show by Wildman Phil. I didn't know what to expect, other than a gentleman coming in with some "animals" to show the kids and teaching the kids about the animals. Well, he brought in some interesting animals, for sure! Let's see...
  • 2 scorpions (one local kind and a black Emperor scorpion from Africa, I believe?)
  • a tarantula (local)
  • several kinds of lizards, local and from around the world (I remember the Collared Lizard, a Chameleon and a black lizard that would puff up as a defense mechanism)
  • 3.5 legged tortoise (it's 4th leg was gone so Wildman Phil gave him a small wheel for the leg ;) )
  • and a few snakes (the skin of a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (local here), a Corn Snake, some black snake that was super, super fast!, a King Snake and then a 13ft long female, I believe, Python).
Can I just say "Accckk!!!"? I said to my mom, Grammy, "hm, glad we are sitting in the back here!" We usually sit up front for these library events but I guess God knew I needed to be in the back row - Ha! ;)

After Wildman Phil's show he let the kids check out some of the animals. Jared pet the tortoise, held the Corn Snake (I still can't believe that!) and then was playing around with the Python. Oh my! I tried to get close to see the Python but every time she kept looking straight at me and started to make a beeline for my foot. Uh, no way! And then every time I side stepped she make a correction and kept going straight for me. I don't know what was so fascinating about me but I said "yeah, see ya snake!" ;)

Here's some pics (bad and a bit fuzzy since they came from my phone - sorry!) of Jared and cousin Tyler with the Python. Glad they had fun with the snake ;)

She first starts out in the tub but then quickly gets out. Eeeeek! Yes, that's Jared there :PNow she's all the way out and just "walking" around. Jared all comfortable with it :This is cousin Tyler. I think he was just petting her (chills/goosebumps just thinking about it!) It was fun and interesting, I will give it that! ;)
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Wildman Phil said...

I am glad you enjoyed the show. Ok, I am glad the KIDS enjoyed the show. Haha.
I am very impressed with the accuracy of the information here. You get an "A" for remembering all the facts.
By the way, the black lizard that fills with air is called a chuckwalla.
Maybe you all can attend another show sometime.

Philip "Wildman Phil" Rakoci

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