Sunday, July 10, 2011

We are the champions!

Back in the end of May and into June, Jared's baseball team played for the championship in their division. No way did I think, back in March when the season started, that Jared and his team would go all the way to the end and become the champs. But they did! All of those long hours of practice (at least 4hrs a week) and games (at least 1 game a week) paid off! They are the champs for their division! Yay!

Here are some pics from last month of their tournament games and then the last and winning game. Enjoy! :)

Jared played catcher during game 1. What a cute little catcher! :DGame 2 of the tournament. Yes, he played the catcher position againHere he is up at bat this gameI didn't take any pics of game 3 but got these of game 4 (the last and winning game of the tournament series). "Go Iron Pigs!" (**Suzan was cute yelling this at the games - Ha! ;) )

Dog pile! The boys had just won the game, 11-4, I believe. (That's Jared running up to the pile on the left ;)#7, that's our boy!Ha! One of the assistant coaches running into the pile...and he DID!The line up...Jared is 3rd from the rightJared getting an introduction from coachKudos to all of the coaches!!...2 of the assistant coachesOne of the other assistant coachesThe team! Jared on the right end. Coach is the man 2nd from the leftSilly boys :PParty afterwards! Yay! MUCH deserved for all of their hard work!Jared with his championship shirt :)I think Jared wants to continue with baseball, probably to sign up for the fall season and then for spring. He does SO well hitting now! It's been fun to see his progress! Go Jared! :)
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