Friday, July 15, 2011

A good summer break

We've had a good summer break so far. And for us, it's almost over :( Yes, the kids go back to school in ~10 days. It's been fun doing some cool things with them, such as...
  • Jared's baseball team won their division championship - Yay!
  • The kids did 4 weeks worth of swim lessons! This was our last and 4th week of them. Jared is now swimming in the deep/diving end and the girlies are going under and jumping into the water. Out of the girlies, Suzan is doing the best with swimming, doing all that the instructor wanted her to do like diving for rings, floating, "superman" glides and jumping into the pool. Very cool!
  • All kids completed the library's summer reading programs. They loved the prizes they got!
  • We've been to 11 events at the library...for storytimes, crafts, animal exhibits, puppet show, magic shows. They enjoyed them all!
  • We've played and swimmed with a few friends and family.
  • We enjoyed the 4th of July and fireworks at our church.
  • We've made a few crafts and enjoyed some yummy summer treats.
  • And Jared has enjoyed attending VBS this week.
Not much left for us to do this last week of break...maybe some more swimming with friends and family, playtime with friends or with each other, more crafts, getting our school supplies/clothes ready for school. Oh, and go to school for "meet the teacher" night. Yay!

I think I will miss the kids wondering what we have planned for the day. Every morning the girlies wake up and ask me "mama, what are we doing today? where are we going?" Ha! I guess I did keep them a bit busy this summer...busy enough for them to notice, at least ;)

Everyone enjoy the rest of your summer!
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