Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catching Up!

Okay, so I'm trying to get caught up in my picture backlog on my camera card. I think I am caught up - Whew! They are...

Easter pics - check out these posts for the pics - Easter Decor & Happy Easter!
Jared's baseball team wins! - check out this post for the pics - We are the champions!

I also added the kids' birthday pics to their birthday posts, Jared's and the girls'. They turned out really cute! I also got a pic of all of them together, as the 5 of them share the same birthday month - March! ;)

Suzan, Jared, Bethany, Anna and BrielleHere's to being caught up! ;)
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Anonymous said...

you going to put east photos in holidays

Anonymous said...

Why the "7" and the "3" blocks that the *adorable* kids are sittin' on? July 3rd? (7th month, 3rd day...)

The Carlsons said...

Ha! No on the 7 and 3. 7 is because J turned 7yo and 3 because the girlies turned 3yo.

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