Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to school! Suzan's, Anna's, Bethany's and Brielle's 1st day of Preschool!

The girlies were SO excited to go to their school and class today! It was cute! It sounds like they had a great time there! Actually, all 5 kids have good reports on their 1st days back to school - Yay!

The girlies, at home and ready to take off for school!The girls at school, waiting for their classroom to open. Can't wait!Suzan, all settled in and putting a puzzle togetherAnna having fun with a puzzle tooBethany putting her puzzle togetherAnd Brielle enjoying her puzzleThe girls all did crying or clinging to Mama. You never know ;) It was funny to hear Bethany tell me yesterday and today "mama, i not cry at school. no, not cry." Ha! And she didn't - Yay!

Tonight at dinner, I'm sure our 5 kids will give me and Paul an earfull of school stories and how their 1st days went. So fun! Praise God for our wonderful teachers and schools!!
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