Sunday, June 05, 2011


For those women out there, remember twirling around in your dress when you were a little girl? Trying to get the skirt big and puffed out? Well, my girlies became dress twirlers today. It was very cute to see them twirl around and around, watching their dresses puff out :) I have it on video and will post later.

Suzan definitely loved twirling in her Sunday dress today :) Too cute! She asked and asked me, over and over, "mama, take my picture. take my picture mama. mama, take my picture. take my picture mama." (she remembered me taking video of her and her sisters twirling earlier and so wanted me to do it again). I told her "okay" and we went outside for a twirl picture :DAh, my girlies ;) They are so sweet and cute!
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