Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Cleaning Partner in Crime

For the longest time Jared's been wanting to mop my floors. I kept telling him "no." Well, until this evening. I had to get my floors clean asap (sweep and mop). They needed it! I would like to clean them more often..." *GASP* You mean you don't, Maria?!?!?!" ;) Of course Jared asked if he could help me. He said he could be the wringer of the mop. I said "sure." It seemed like something he could do. Then, when we got to the end of my mopping he asked "can I mop some mom?" I said "sure. you can mop the laundry room." And he did! He loved it - Ha! ;) He did a great job too! Maybe he CAN mop my every week! ;)

Here's a little clip of him mopping. Yes, he's in his jammies. Yes, he's wearing socks. And yes, that's my washer running in the background. Laundry is a constant in our home ;)
My Cleaning Partner in Crime 062211 from Pelikan on Vimeo.
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Anonymous said...

My nephew, who is now 20, has been mopping the floors for my sister since he was five. He also washed the cars from an early age. I wish I had done better at teaching my own children to help with never-ending chores. Good for you for letting your son feel the satisfaction of accomplishing a "grown up" task.

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